Scaffolders regularly work from the back of vehicles when loading or unloading materials, to such an extent that it is just a part of the every day job.  We all know that it is these routine activities where complacency starts to creep in and safety is not always at the forefront of our minds.

At Sky Scaffolding, we have recognised this increased risk to our scaffolders and have taken a number of steps to reduce this risk.

Working from Vehicles: Reducing the Risk

  • Edge protection on all vehicles where scaffolders work from the bed
  • Fold out steps to assist climbing up or down from a vehicle
  • Use of lifting equipment such as HIAB or fork lift wherever possible

Working from vehicles is sometimes unavoidable as a scaffolder.  Materials have to be loaded and unloaded from vehicles, and lifting equipment is not always available or practical.

Where our scaffolders have to work from vehicles, we have installed edge protection to reduce the risk of falls from height as far as reasonably practical.  We have also installed access steps where practical to ensure safe access to the vehicle.

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NASC SG30:09 Working From Vehicles

The NASC has provided safety guidance on best practice when working from vehicles (NASC SG30:09 Working from Vehicles.
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