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  • Rear entrance to the temporary building with set buildings inside and Wonka sign in the foreground

    Lights, Camera, Scaffold!

    The temporary scaffold structure for the Wonka movie set demonstrated technical proficiency and innovative design. This cost-effective solution enabled continuous filming despite weather challenges, emphasising the significance of value engineering and innovative problem-solving in scaffolding projects.

    Published On: 8th July 2024
  • Scaffold for traditional new build care home in Coventry with blue site hoarding and crane in the background

    New Build Care Home – Bond’s Lodge

    The construction of any traditional new build requires extensive scaffold works at all of the main build stages of the project. We worked hand in hand with the Main Contractor to ensure the successful delivery of this new build care home in Coventry with progressive brickwork scaffold to the externals, and full birdcages to the internals.

    Published On: 18th February 2024
  • Droplift scaffold with shrinkwrap containment over live highway in Nuneaton.

    Hydrodemolition on Bermuda Bridge

    Our experience working on challenging civil engineering projects was put to the test on this droplift scaffold over the A444 in Nuneaton. The innovative design of this shrinkwrapped scaffold allowed site traffic flow over the bridge while providing access for hydrodemolition of the existing parapet and bridge strengthening works.

    Published On: 18th February 2024
  • Buttressed access scaffold with netting on Coventry Council House.

    Coventry Council House

    This buttressed access scaffold on Coventry Council House was required to facilitate roof repair works, with a pedestrian protection tunnel to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians beneath the scaffold on the bustling high street below. We have a wealth of experience working on heritage conservation projects where public safety is paramount.

    Published On: 15th February 2024
  • Fully sheeted scaffold with pedestrian protection lift and cantilever fan on the Burlington Hotel in Birmingham.

    Burlington Hotel Refurbishment Scaffold

    Located in the bustling heart of Birmingham City Centre, this access scaffold was specifically designed for the purpose of stone cleaning and refurbishment of the renowned building on New Street. Careful consideration had to be given when tying onto the historic façade, and site security was a top concern due to the location of the works.

    Published On: 31st May 2022
  • Scaffold inside underground reservoir

    Scaffolding in Confined Spaces

    This underground reservoir refurbishment project faced challenging access restrictions due to a single hatch for entry and exit. As a result, it was categorised as confined space working, requiring careful planning of a safe system of work. All operatives have confined space training and were also required to possess EUSR Water Hygiene Cards.

    Published On: 14th January 2022
  • Bespoke designed scaffold for a robotics testing lab at Edinburgh University.

    Bespoke Scaffold for Robotics Testing

    The versatility of the Layher Allround system scaffold is highlighted in this custom obstacle course designed for robotics testing at the University of Edinburgh, demonstrating our innovative thinking. The course was designed in 3D to support research efforts and could be easily modified by the researchers.

    Published On: 23rd July 2021
  • Fully boarded and netted tube and fitting scaffold for new build construction of apartment block in Northampton.

    Lion Court Apartments

    These new apartments in Northampton are steel frame construction with concrete floor planks, brick cladding and a steel partition system. This required a fully boarded scaffold with working lifts at each floor level, HAKI staircases and crane loading bays. The installation of the timber roof construction also necessitated internal birdcages to the top floor.

    Published On: 20th April 2021
  • Temporary roof scaffold covering the Coventry Upper Precinct walkway.

    Upper Precinct Temporary Roof

    Weather protection was required in Coventry to complete refurbishment works to the upper precinct walkways. The HAKITEC 750 roofing system was utilised to construct this monopitch temporary roof. Despite its simplistic appearance, innovative thinking was necessary to support the roof on the neighboring balconies.

    Published On: 11th March 2021
  • External view of temporary roof scaffold erected on structural towers in Birmingham

    Clayton Hotel Extension

    Construction of two new floors on top of an operational hotel in the centre of Birmingham required a very complex solution. The main support scaffolds were erected in Layher with internal raking tubes anchored to the existing roof slab. The roof was erected in the HAKITEC 750 system with a shrinkwrap solution for the irregular building shape.

    Published On: 21st December 2020
  • Weather protection scaffold for glass roof replacement on Porche Reading project, supported on RMD soldiers

    Porsche, Reading

    This glass atrium roof needed temporary weather protection for refurbishment works, however, we were unable to install any support scaffold on the surrounding roof. An innovative solution was found installing the support scaffold inside the building, then using RMD soldiers as needle beams to support the roof.

    Published On: 28th October 2020
  • Cantilver droplift scaffold erected on the roof of Merrion House in Leeds for window replacement.

    Merrion House, Leeds

    This droplift scaffold was required for window replacement in Leeds city centre. Rather than building from the ground up, this scaffold is anchored to the roof to provide personnel access while the window is craned into position. Despite its simple appearance, scaffolds of this nature demand meticulous planning and highly skilled scaffolders.

    Published On: 27th October 2020
  • HAKI temporary roof scaffold and Layher support scaffold on Nuneaton Town Hall

    Nuneaton Town Hall

    This temporary roof scaffold was required to facilitate roof replacement works following a fire at Nuneaton Town Hall. The main scaffold was erected in Layher system scaffold with a HAKITEC 750 roof system. The building and car park had to remain operational throughout the works requiring careful planning to safeguard members of the public.

    Published On: 2nd October 2020
  • Bespoke access scaffold beneath a road bridge over the Oxford Canal near Banbury

    Fenny Compton Tunnel Canal Bridge

    Access was needed under the highway bridge in the northern Banbury village of Fenny Compton to investigate corrosion of the main bridge beams. The innovative scaffold we designed and installedhad to be constructed on a 45-degree incline, and was securely attached to the concrete bridge abutment to prevent sliding.

    Published On: 2nd February 2018
  • Independent scaffold fully sheeted constructed in Layher Allround scaffold, with painted blue hoarding

    Pitmaston House, Moseley

    Extensive renovations were necessary to transform the historic Pitmaston House in Moseley, Birmingham, a Grade 2 listed building from the 1930s, into a chapel with seating for 140 people. The project involved a comprehensive scaffold installation to facilitate roof repairs, brickwork repointing, decoration, and chimney maintenance.

    Published On: 26th July 2017
  • Cradle support gantry erected using system scaffold on a high street in Birmingham City Centre

    Beetham Tower Cradle Gantry

    Maintenance works to the iconic Beetham Tower in Birmingham involved the use of cradles to work on its glass facade. To ensure the safety of pedestrians and hotel guests, a landing gantry for the cradles had to be installed around the curved structure. The Layher Protect Panel system was also used to provide added security and clean aesthetics.

    Published On: 25th July 2017
  • Scaffold erected from river bed providing access for repair of historic bridge

    Bidford Bridge Scaffolding

    After a road accident occurred on the Bidford Bridge in Warwickshire, extensive repair work was necessary for the ancient monument. A scaffold was constructed in Layher Alround system scaffold, founded on the river bed, with tubes firmly attached around the piers to provide support, thus avoiding the need to tie into the historic structure.

    Published On: 24th July 2017
  • Designed scaffold for a production at Stratford-upon-Avon college with staircase accesses to upper level

    Stratford-upon-Avon College

    Not only do we offer scaffolds for construction projects, but we also supply scaffolds to the events and arts industries. This particular scaffold was specifically designed and assembled for a production at Stratford-upon-Avon College. The Layher system is renowned for its versatility, making it an ideal choice for events and productions.

    Published On: 1st May 2017
  • Independent scaffold on Leamington Spa Parade, fully netted with pedestrian protection

    Leamington Spa Parade

    Erecting scaffolds on busy high streets take careful planing to ensure the safety of the public and visiting customers. This scaffold on Leamington Parade was required for redecoration works and was installed out-of-hours when pedestrian traffic was at a minimum. It includes a pedestrian protection lift and is fully netted as per pavement permit requirements.

    Published On: 17th February 2017
  • External support scaffold to two elevations of a brick building and the roof in a car park with concrete ballast

    Emergency Support at Warwick Hospital

    Following an incident at Warwick Hospital car park involving a car backing into a building, urgent assistance was needed with a support scaffold to stabilise the structure and allow for repairs. This designed scaffold incorporates concrete kentledge for stability, with an internal support for the first floor slab.

    Published On: 1st February 2017
  • Buttressed access scaffold and staircase for stone replacement works at Warwick Castle

    Guy’s Tower, Warwick Castle

    Stonework repairs on the towering Guy's Tower at Warwick Castle necessitated the use of a full height freestanding scaffold. Standing at a towering height of 25m, the scaffold was constructed using the Layher Allround system scaffold and featured a full height staircase and mechanical hoist to lift a 200kg stone.

    Published On: 19th January 2017
  • Layher exhibition scaffold at the NEC near Solihull with Protect Panel hoarding, secure access door and public access staircase

    UK Construction Week at NEC, Solihull

    We demonstrated the extensive flexibility of the Layher Allround system and its various components by constructing the Layher exhibition booth at the Civils Expo during UK Construction Week at the NEC Birmingham. The booth showcased staircases, loading bays, beams, adjustable decks, and the integrated Protect Panel harding system.

    Published On: 28th October 2016
  • Temporary training accommodation with diabled access ramp

    Coventry Wasps Support Scaffold

    We utilized the Layher Allround Scaffolding system to construct a support scaffolding for the temporary accommodation buildings of the Wasps Rugby Club in Coventry. To address the 2m ground level variation on the site, we erected a birdcage scaffold as a leveling structure. This scaffold effectively supported the weight of the cabins and training gym within.

    Published On: 7th July 2016
  • Scaffold on public high street in Leicester, full debris netting and pedestrian protection to standards and secure ladder access

    Leicester City Shopfront

    Scaffold was constructed at the shop front in Leicester City Centre for masonry repairs, with safety measures in place to ensure the protection of the public and visiting customers. Foam standards and rosette covers were used for the system scaffold standards, along with pavement protection lift and debris netting as specified by the permit.

    Published On: 1st July 2016
  • Partially erected scaffold on a high street in Warwick with heras fencing and footpath closed sign

    Warwick Museum Refurbishment

    The restoration work on the Market Hall Museum in Warwick necessitated the use of a complete perimeter scaffold. To maintain a tidy appearance and ensure site security without the need for traditional timber hoarding, the Layher Protect System was employed, offering an integrated steel hoarding solution with secure access door.

    Published On: 1st July 2016
  • Cantilever droplift scaffold overlooking Mt Michael's Cathedral in Coventry

    Coventry University

    Situated 30 meters above the bustling streets of Coventry city center, the George Eliot Building on Coventry University demanded a perimeter droplift scaffold for its roof repairs. This intricate task involved suspending the scaffold from the roof instead of constructing it from the ground, ensuring complete containment of dust and debris.

    Published On: 5th June 2015
  • Suspended scaffold on Willes Road bridge in Leamington Spa

    Suspended Scaffold Over Water

    Repairs were needed to the stone parapet of Willes Bridge in Royal Leamington Spa, necessitating the use of a drop lift scaffold for access. The scaffold was hung over the water below with counterbalance at road level. This setup allowed for the necessary repairs to be completed on the bridge parapet without the scaffold interfering with the water.

    Published On: 22nd March 2015
  • Large scaffold for refurbishment to heritage building

    Croome Court Sky Cafe

    Extensive renovation at Croome Court near Worcester necessitated a scaffold fully boarded for stone repairs. To preserve the historic integrity of the building, physical ties were prohibited, leading to the adoption of a freestanding design with buttresses for reinforcement. A public access viewing platform was also incorporated into the design.

    Published On: 16th January 2015