We offer the full range of scaffolding services. With extensive stock of traditional tube and fitting and system scaffold for hire, combined with a large, directly employed workforce, we are able to deliver large-scale projects across the UK.

Whether you’re looking for access scaffolding or temporary support, whether it’s a temporary scaffold tower, temporary roof, or shoring work, we’ve got all the equipment and expertise you need to get the job done. We supply the full range of scaffolding equipment and can provide bespoke designed access scaffolds and support work.

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Construction Scaffolding Services

Safe access is a major concern for any construction project and chosing the right scaffolding solution can make or break a project. We have extensive knowledge and experience providing scaffolding to the construction industry, and can advise on the best possible access solution to ensure the success of your project.

Scaffolding often lies on the critical path of a construction project so it is important that the scaffolding contractor has the resources available to deliver, is flexible to the changing demands of a construction project, and is able for forge good relationships with the Contractor’s Site Management Team. We are one of the regions longest established scaffolding contractors and work on construction projects large and small throughout the Midlands.

New Build Construction

Scaffold for traditional new build care home in Coventry with blue site hoarding and crane in the background

We provide scaffolding for new build construction sites large and small. Working with Main Contractors, we ensure they have the access they require to complete their project as efficiently and as safely as possible.

  • New build housing projects

  • New build public sector projects

  • New build retail unit projects

Civil Engineering Infrastructure

Droplift scaffold with shrinkwrap containment over live highway in Nuneaton.

Civil engineering projects are often on a large scale and have to deal with a site-specific set of risks. We have the experience to develop a safe method of working in these high risk conditions, and management to ensure compliance.

  • Working on open highways

  • Working on or near open water

  • Working in remote locations

Timber Frame Construction

Buttressed scaffold for timber frame construction with site access staircase

Scaffolding for timber frame construction is a unique situation where the scaffold is installed before any building is in place. We have the knowledge to develop the specific designs required. Click to visit our Scaffold for Timber Frame page for more details.

  • Timber frame apartment complex

  • Timber frame care homes
  • Timber frame housing

NASC Contractor Member Logo

NASC Contractor Members

We are long-term members of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC). As members, we are fully audited on an annual basis to ensure the highest standards of working practice.

NASC Contractor Member Logo

Industrial Scaffolding Services

Scaffolding in industrial settings presents a different set of challenges. There are often risks present that would not normally be encountered on a building site, and scaffolding works have to be completed around an operational facility, causing minimal disruption to the normal works on site.

We have provided scaffold services to industry for decades, assisting with major factory refurbishments, and providing support for reactive and planned maintenance. Visit our Industrial Scaffolding page for more details.

Factory Maintenance Scaffolds

Access scaffold over conveyors in a food and drink factory in Rugby.

We provide scaffolding for factory maintenance works and offer a 24 hour call-out service for emergencies. We have teams available to work outside normal hours to keep disprution to a minimum.

  • Food and drink factories
  • Car manufacturing plants
  • Planned or reactive maintenance

Industrial Screening

Shrinkwrapped industrial screen in a food and drink factory in Rugby.

Industrial screening is essential in factory settings. When new construction work is being carried out it is often neccessary to segregate this work from the operational factory. Industrial screens ensure that the dust is contained.

  • Dust and noise containment

  • Shrinkwrapping scaffolds

  • Construction work segregation

Airports and Energy Sector

Mobile access scaffold for aeroplane maintenance.

We have a wealth of experience working in specialist areas such airports and the energy sector. We can provide bespoke scaffolds with design drawings and calculations to cater for unusual access requirements in high-risk environments.

  • Airside scaffolding works

  • Scaffolding on power plants

  • National Grid scaffolding

Chas Elite accreditation logo

Our Accreditations

We hold the Constructionline Gold, CHAS Elite, Safecontractor and SSIP accreditations, demonstrating our business’s compliance with relevant health and safety standards.

Chas Elite accreditation logo

Scaffolding for Refurbishment and Restoration

Scaffolding for refurbishment and restoration works form a large portion of our regular work. We excel at these projects, utilising the Layher Allround system to full effect keeping installation times down to a minimum and providing the access required while keeping the public safe. These projects often have specific requirements that fall outside the standard configurations of TG20 and we provide scaffold designs and calculations to meet these needs.

We have formed strong relationships with refurbishment contractors who we follow throughout the UK providing the specialist scaffolds they require for their projects.

Heritage Conservation Works

Freestanding buttressed scaffold for stone repairs on Warwick Castle.

Scaffolds for heritage conservation work need to be specifically designed to be freestanding and will usually need to support the high loading requirements of stonework and masonry.

  • Listed buildings and scheduled monuments

  • Churches and cathedrals

  • Castles and stately homes

Street Works Refurbishment

Scaffold erected on street in Leicester with pedestrian protection foams to the standards.

Refurbishment works that take place on city centre high streets have to be carefully managed to protect pedestrians. We can work out of hours to install scaffold when foot fall is low.

  • Scaffolding for stone cleaning and decoration

  • Pavement permit application for scaffold

  • Traffic management planning

Bridge Restoration

Scaffold erected out of the water in Bidford-on-Avon.

Bridge restoration works often involve cantilever drop scaffolds, works over water and works on open highways. We can provide the specific designs required for this specialist application.

  • Cantilever drop scaffolds to access parapets

  • Scaffolds built out of waterways and canals

  • Scaffolds over open highways

Our Projects

Want to see some of our previous work? In order to demonstrate the diversity of our scaffolding expertise, we showcase a selection of our past scaffolding projects on the Our Projects page.

Commercial Scaffolding Services

We provide commercial scaffolding services for Shop Fitters and Shop Fit Out Contractors across the UK. We have long-standing scaffolding maintenance contracts with some of the UK’s leading Retail and Commercial Companies.

We work on a regular basis across the country working out-of-hours for general maintenance work in high street and department stores. Visit our Commercial Scaffolding page for more details.

Shop Fit Out Scaffolds

Temporary roof over Clayton Hotel in Birmingham.

We work with shop fit out contractors providing access for retail fit out and refurbishment works. We travel the lenghth and breadth of the country working with long-standing customers in this sector.

  • Access scaffolds over escalators

  • Freestanding scaffolds around glass cladding

  • Access for M&E installation above shop floor

Retail Maintenance Scaffolds

Access scaffold for maintenance to a retail unit with glass cladding.

We provide access scaffolds for maintenance work in high street and department stores across the UK. This work is often carried out overnight during store closed hours.

  • Access scaffolds during store closed hours

  • Night shift attendance

  • Pedestrian protection scaffolds

Protecting the Public

Scaffold to the Radisson Hotel in Birmingham with steel hoarding and pedestrian protection.

Scaffolds in the commercial and retail sector have to have a high level of protection with full hoarding to prevent members of the public from coming to any harm.

  • Pavement protection lifts

  • Protection fans and crashdecks

  • Scaffold hoarding and cladding

Training our Staff

Providing an excellent scaffolding service requires highly-trained scaffolders. All our scaffolding employees hold CISRS Scaffolder or CISRS Advanced cards. We carry out regular training reviews with our staff and provide them with SSSTS/SMSTS training, IPAF training for MEWPS, first aid training, asbestos awareness, and much more.

Scaffolding Hire Services

We supply the full range of scaffolding equipment to suit your project’s every need. From temporary roofs and weather protection, steel hoarding systems with secure access doors, formwork, shoring and support works. We supply scaffold solutions using traditional tube and fitting and various sytem scaffolds that are on the market.

Different problems need different solutions, with all these systems at our disposal you can be sure that our experienced team will select the most optimal solution or system for your project.

Temporary Roof Systems

Temporary roof scaffold on a building in Nuneaton.

We provide temporary roofing and weather protection scaffolds. These specifically designed scaffolds are essential for some roofing works. We use a sheeted roofing system on our projects.

  • Monopitch and duopitch temporary roofs

  • Freestanding temporary roof structures

  • Shrinkwrap weather protection structures

System Scaffolds and Staircases

Layher system scaffold being used for chimney access in Birmingham.

As well as traditional tube and fitting favoured for its versatility, there are many system scaffolds available which offer significant speed benefits. We select the most appropriate solution for your project.

  • HAKI staicases and loading bays

  • Layher Allround system scaffold

  • Public access staircases

Scaffold Hoarding System

Steel hoarding system with secure access door on a Building in Birmingham.

We offer site and scaffold hoarding systems. Traditionally formed in 18mm plyboard, we now champion the use of the steel Layher Protect System where possible which can by vinyl wrapped.

  • Layher Protect Panel steel hoarding system

  • Secure access doors

  • Traditional timber hoarding systems

About Sky Scaffolding

We are multi-generational family business, continually striving to offer the best scaffolding service with health and safety complience being our top priority. Please visit our About Us page to find out more.