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For critical construction or refurbishment projects that require protection from the elements, we can install temporary roofing scaffolds to provide all-year-round weather protection. Temporary roofs can span anything up to 40m, can be erected using a crane, or can be installed with a rolling track to aid installation and reduce hire costs for phased work.

Temporary roofs are typically sheeted using keder sheets that are installed in tracks, but can also be sheeted using corrugated iron, or aluminium cladding sheets. For more irregularly shaped roofs, we can use shrink wrapping to provide a perfect neat finish to a roof of any shape or size.

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Temporary Roof Scaffolding

Scaffolding on hire from Sky for a refurbishment project

We supply for hire and erect temporary roof scaffolding to provide protection from the elements throughout your construction project. We can provide a temporary roof drainage system to suit your site.

Temporary Roof Hire

Scaffolding on hire from Sky for a refurbishment project

Our temporary roof hire service can provide a temporary roof of up to 40m span. We achieve this by using the Layher Keder XL temporary roof system. This system integrates seamlessly with the Layher Allround scaffolding system.

Temporary Roof Cover

Scaffolding on hire from Sky for a refurbishment project

The temporary roof cover that we provide can be erected without the use of cranes, and can be erected as a mobile roof to be moved along as construction progresses.

Temporary Roof Scaffolding Specialists

Sky Scaffolding have been members of the NASC for over 15 years. We supply industrial screening hire to industrial sectors, and supply dust containment structures to factories. We can provide long-term contract scaffolding for maintenance

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Looking for a Temporary Roof or Enclosure Scaffold for your Project?

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