Layher Exhibition at the NEC for UK Construction Week

Sky Scaffolding Midlands Ltd were proud to support Layher at the UK Construction Week event at the NEC in Marsden Green, near Solihull last week. This bespoke scaffold was designed by Layher’s technical department to show off the capabilities of their class leading scaffolding system.

The custom designed scaffold incorporated staircases, a loading bay, a bridge, and showcased the excellence of the Layher Protect system, shown here with decals and a secure entrance door.

Layher exhibition scaffold at the NEC near Solihull with Protect Panel hoarding, secure access door and public access staircase

“Knowing that Layher could rely on Sky Scaffolding, and trusted us to do justice to their stand at this event speaks volumes of how they regard us as experts in Layher” says Managing Director Dennis Davies.

The Layher exhibition at the NEC Birmingham was a huge success, with many visitors impressed by the innovative design and quality of the scaffolding system on display.

Sky Scaffolding Midlands Ltd had a prime location at the event, allowing them to showcase their partnership with Layher and demonstrate their expertise in using the system for various construction projects.

The bespoke scaffold created by Layher’s technical department was a real showstopper, highlighting the versatility and durability of their products. Visitors were able to see firsthand how the scaffolding system could be customised to fit different project requirements, making it a popular choice for construction companies looking for a reliable and efficient solution.

Overall, the UK Construction Week event was a great opportunity for Layher and Sky Scaffolding Midlands Ltd to connect with industry professionals, showcase their products, and demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the construction sector. The positive feedback received from visitors further solidified Layher’s reputation as a leader in the scaffolding industry.

Scaffold for Events and Performing Arts

Sky Scaffolding have built up substantial experience providing scaffolding for the events industry. We work up and down the country with producers and event organisers, often installing bespoke designed scaffold structures to tight deadlines.

Our team of experienced scaffolders understand the unique requirements of the events and performing arts industry, where safety, efficiency, and aesthetics are paramount. We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality scaffold structures that not only meet the technical specifications but also enhance the overall visual appeal of the event. Whether it’s a music festival, a theatre production, or a corporate event, we have the expertise and resources to provide reliable and innovative scaffolding solutions.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail, Sky Scaffolding is the go-to choice for all your event scaffolding needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your next event a success.

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