The John Turner Building at Warwick Hospital was severely damaged during a car crash on 6 September 2016.  A parked car was pushed through a bottom floor window of the building by another car that had lost control, leaving a large section of the building walls destroyed.

  • External Support on Warwick Hospital
  • Internal support at Warwick Hospital

The entire corner of the building had to be re-constructed from the ground up, so a scaffold was required to support the roof and the first floor concrete slabs while the work was completed.

Sky Scaffolding were commissioned by South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust to provide the support scaffold.

The Structures

The external structure was designed to protect the building and support the roof of the building.  The designed structure is 4.7m high, buttressed with kentledge for stability.  As well as providing support, this structure also provides 2.0m lifts for access to the face of the building.

At the top of the support, a Universal Beam was introduced to support the roof rafters.

The internal structure was designed to take the load of the first floor concrete slabs, and was constructed in 700mm square bays for maximum strength.

We developed a scaffold design using the Layher system that served four main purposes:

  • Support the roof structure
  • Support the first floor concrete slabs
  • Protect the fragile structure from a further collision
  • Provide access to the face of the building for building brickwork

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