Can be erected without cranes and as a rolling roof

Capable of huge spans up to 40m

Seamless integration with the Layher Scaffolding System

We use the Layher Keder XL Temporary Roof System

Temporary Roof Scaffolding

We supply for hire and erect temporary roof scaffolding to provide protection from the elements throughout your construction project. We can provide a temporary roof drainage system to suit your site.

Temporary Roof Hire

Our temporary roof hire service can provide a temporary roof of up to 40m span.  We achieve this by using the Layher Keder XL temporary roof system.  This system integrates seamlessly with the Layher Allround scaffolding system.

Temporary Roof Cover

The temporary roof cover that we provide can be erected without the use of cranes, and can be erected as a mobile roof to be moved along as construction progresses.

We are Safe Contractor approved
Sky Scaffolding are members of the NASC
All our scaffolders are CISRS trained
We are a CHAS Accredited Contractor

Sky Scaffolding supply and erect temporary roof structures to protect your building or event stage from weather, dust and environmental damage.  A temporary roof covering can be provided as a stand-alone structure, or can be incorporated in existing scaffold structures.

See our system scaffolding capabilities

Sky Scaffolding are Layher system scaffold specialists

We work hand in hand with Layher to provide a comprehensive system scaffolding service, delivering the complete Layher range including their Layher Keder XL temporary roof.
See our system scaffolding capabilities

We use the Layher Keder Roof XL system which can accommodate spans of up to 40m whilst maintaining the quick erections speeds of the Layher Allround Scaffold system.  The Keder XL system is the only roof system that incorporates an integrated sheeting rail, and the system can be specified to meet light, standard, or heavy-duty requirements.

Benefits of the Layher Keder XL Temporary Roof System

  • Spans of up to 40m can be accommodated
  • Integrated sheeting rail for quicker and safer erection
  • Can be specified to light, standard, or heavy-duty use
  • Duo and mono-pitch designs are available
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