Cantilever Drop Lift Scaffold on Coventry University

Sky Scaffolding Midlands Ltd are experts at installing bespoke designed scaffolds. Many tecnically complex scaffolds are outside the scope of NASC TG20 Compliance Sheets and require specific designs, the cantilever drop lift, or truss-out scaffold is one of them.

A cantilever drop lift scaffold was installed around the roof of the George Eliot building in Coventry for roof repair works. The works were to take place some 30m above the busy streets below.

Cantilever droplift scaffold on Coventry University building

The scaffold was to provide safe access for the works, while ensuring 100% containment of dust and debris to protect the general public below.

The Layher Allround system allowed for a quick and seamless installation process, ensuring minimal disruption to the university’s operations.

Suspended Scaffold Design

Suspended scaffolds lay outside the scaope of the TG20 Compliance sheets. All such scaffolds require bespoke design drawings with supporting calculations. The design used here utilised steelwork that was present on the roof to use as anchorage, however it is common for kentledge or ballast to be used to provide a counter balance.

The main benefit of using a cantilevered drop-lift scaffold is that you avoid the need to build up scaffold from the ground below. This can save a lot of work, and it may be unfeasible to build up scaffold from below because of obstructions.

Containment of Dust and Debris

The main goal of the scaffolding was to contain all dust and debris during repair work. This allowed the street below to remain open.

The George Eliot building is a well-known landmark on the university campus. It is named after the famous Victorian novelist who was born in Nuneaton. Its position in the centre of Coventry meant that it was vital that all dust and debris from the works were sufficiently contained in order to safeguard the general public on the streets below.

The techniques used to seal the scaffolding proved very successful, ensuring the safety of the public below.

This attention to detail and commitment to safety highlights the professionalism and expertise of Sky Scaffolding Midlands Ltd. The successful completion of this project demonstrates their ability to tackle complex scaffolding challenges with precision and efficiency.

Similar Suspended Scaffold Designs

We have provided many scaffold solutions that utilise the truss-out or cantilever method. It is particularly useful for accessing the outer face of bridge parapets without the need to build scaffold up from the ground below, such as the Willes Road project in Leamington.

Another similar project was Merrion House in Leeds.

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