Sky Scaffolding have completed scaffolding the Market Hall Museum in Warwick Town Centre for the Contractor to carry out masonry repairs.  We are making full use of all the benefits offered by the Layher Allround system in this very busy and public environment.

Completed scaffold with hoarding and debris netting.
Layher Protect System Brochure

Layher Protect System Hoarding

We have used the Layher Protect System to incorporate hoarding onto the scaffolding system, removing the need for the Contractor to erect ply hoardings around the work site.
Layher Protect System Brochure

Key Elements on this Scaffolding

  • Layher system scaffold
  • Hoarding – Layher Protect System
  • Scaffolding staircase
  • Goods hoist
  • Full debris netting

Benefits of Layher on this Project

  • No protruding tubes – this makes sure the scaffold looks very tidy and does not blight the Town Centre while essential works are carried out
  • Hoarding – Protect System – these are an integrated hoarding solution which prevents pedestrian access onto the scaffold structure without the need for extra wooden hoarding around the site
  • Quick erection times – our client is under pressure to complete refurbishment works for the Summer 2016 re-opening of the Market Hall Museum, so the 75% reduction in erection time compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffolding was very welcome
Independent scaffolding around the Warwick Museum.
Sky Scaffolding lorry with mounted fall protection system.

You can see in the above image the fall protection system that Sky Scaffolding have installed on all their vehicles to protect staff when working on the back of vehicles loading/offloading materials.

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Find out more about the refurbishment work at Market Hall Museum, Warwick

Market Hall Museum is currently closed for refurbishment and will open with a brand new look in Summer 2016, see the Warwickshire Heritage and Culture website for more information.
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