Sky Scaffolding Midlands Ltd provides a bespoke scaffold service.  We worked with the Robotics Department at the University of Edinburgh to develop a temporary obstacle course to test humanoid robots.

We used the Layher Allround system to produce a modular obstacle course that could be re-designed, adapted, and extended as the needs of the testing lab developed.

Project Background

The University of Edinburgh provided a concept design for an obstacle course for for robotics testing.

The circuit was to include various challenges including steps and ramps for each robot to navigate in order to test their intelligence, adaptability and endurance in different scenarios.

We took the concept and developed it into a modular design that could be reconfigured by laboratory staff.

Bespoke Scaffold Design

We worked with the Layher Technical Team to produce the final design drawings and calculations. The structure was designed in 3D CAD which we were able to share with the laboratory staff for use in their own computer models for robotics testing.

The Layher system provided versatility and features such as ramps, carefully constructed by setting standards to different heights and using desks on an incline to provide multi-level access throughout the course.

Removable handrails were also an essential requirement to allow for larger robots to navigate the course across multiple levels. The flexibility of removable handrails allowed laboratory staff at the university to amend the course to fit their requirements depending on the type of experiment they were conducting.

Following the success of this project we have provided similar structures to other universities throughout the UK for use in laboratory testing of robotics.

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