Sky Scaffolding Midlands Ltd have provided a bespoke access scaffolding system in confined spaces to allow for vital repairs to take place at an underground service reservoir in Shropshire.

The service reservoir had been inactive for several years and deemed surplus to requirements. Recently, a decision was made to reinstate the underground water storage tank to aid the supply of clean drinking water to people’s homes in the surrounding area. In order to start using the reservoir once again critical maintenance was required to ensure the tank was fit for purpose.

Both external and internal access scaffolding was required around the circular tank to seal and repair any cracks and damage within the joints of the reservoir.

Nurton Reservoir Scaffolding

Confined Spaces and EUSR

Access for personnel and materials inside the tank was via a single 600mm square manhole. This single route of entry/exit classified this as confined space working and requires special consideration on the safe system of work.

All operatives had to have specific training for working in confined spaces, and were also required to hold EUSR Water Hygiene Cards for working on Severn Trent infrastructure.

Project Deadlines

A six week period was agreed for repairs to be made to the tank including scaffolding time. Due to the short timeframe allocated, we used the Layher system to ensure the fastest build times possible.

The initial plan was to erect the internal scaffold in four stages, with 25% installed and moved around the tank as the work progressed. However, the main works were taking longer than expected so we worked with the Main Contractor and installed up to 50% of the scaffold to ensure they had sufficient time to complete their works.

Once the repairs were complete on the first half of the tank, the scaffold was dismantled and moved to the second half of the tank to provide access for the remaining repairs.

This proved the most efficient method to allow for repairs to take place continually around the 124 meter tank circumference without any interruptions.

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