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Sky Scaffolding have provided the scaffolding to Guy’s Tower on Warwick Castle.  The scaffold was required for masonry repairs and had to provide access via staircase to near full height of the tower (13 lifts, 25m).

Scaffolding this 14th Century tower required great care to protect the historic stonework.  We were unable to tie into the stonework and so had to provide a large buttress and use non-intrusive reveal ties for stability.

Scaffolding tower up Guy's Tower at Warwick Castle.


  • 13 lifts, 25m high independant tower

  • Non-intrusive ties

  • Staircase to full height

  • Integrated hoarding system

  • Secure entry door

Integrated Hoarding System

As Warwick Castle is an open public attraction, the appearance and security of the scaffold were of high importance. The Layher system provided the perfect answer to these requirements.

We used the Layher Protect system to provide an integrated hoarding system and secured access to the scaffold staircase.  This solution provided a very neat appearance to the scaffold.

Integrated Staircase System

The stonemasons were provided with a staircase to access the work area, as transporting tools and materials to the high-level work site would have been inappropriate via ladders.

The staircase system used was the Layher Platform Stairs.  This system integrates seamlessly with the Layher Allround scaffold system, avoiding the need to provide a separate Haki staircase.

19th January 2017|

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